Houdini Stop

Stop Your Escape Artist In Their Tracks & Possibly Save Their Life.

Does your wee one love escaping from their car seat, highchair or stroller harness? Dangerous isn't it!!! Does it drive you insane?

Well here is your solution!!!!! The Houdini Stop Chest Strap is a device which prevents your child from taking their arms out of their car seat straps. It consists of two simple clips joined by a length of material. The clips connect to each of the 2 car seat straps and hold them closer together preventing your child from wriggling out. It can also be used with highchair and stroller harnesses to prevent children standing up and getting out.

Simple to use and effective on & off with one hand Hard for children to move up & down Suits a wide range of ages & harness systems Multipurpose. use it with your car seat, highchair or stroller Officially crash tested and proven safe See How it Works Here

What size Harness does it fit? It fits over any single layer harness that is up to 38mm wide

Is it safe? Yes.

The Houdini Stop chest clip has been crash tested at the Autoliv Test Facility in Melbourne, Australia. To the AS/NZC 1754 Standard. In short the Houdini Stop was found not to interfere with the performance of any part of the car seat. In all tests the Houdini Stop did not move up and have any contact at all with the throat area.

 The Houdini Stop has been officially crashed tested & reviewed by ACRI.

The Houdini Stop, has more than a 95% percent success rate. Most young children are not dexterous enough, or strong enough in their pincher grip to work the release mechanism. The Houdini Stop can not be made 100% inescapable, as an adult needs to be able to easily work the release in an emergency situation. Most children actually begin to love having a Houdini stop and I have heard many stories about children insisting that their Houdini Stop must be put on.

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