Gummee Glove

Gummee Glove is the first teething mitten on the market, designed solely for babies to wear. Babies can not adequately grasp a teething ring or toy until around the age of 5 months plus, however, their teething symptoms can begin a long time prior to this.

Gummee Glove secures safely to babies hand with an adjustable velcro closure & the water filled teething ring can be detached for easy sterilising & refrigeration. The water teether is held in place by a very strong, inbuilt popper. This also negates the need to constantly hold toys to baby's mouth, & puts an end to toys being dropped on the floor when out & about. Ideal for the car, push chair - or anywhere when mum/dad just needs a few extra minutes in the day!

Key Features

* Detachable water filled teething ring for easy sterilising & refrigerating. (Cold water sterilise with sterilising solution ONLY)
* Travel bag which doubles up as a laundry bag for easy machine washing.
* Various biteable protrusions with easily accessible positioning for baby.

Adjustable velcro closure to fit most babies.

* Choice of Pink or Blue Teething Ring 


NB **** For use by babies over the age of 3 months.  Babies must not be left unsupervised.

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