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Brolly Sheets Ltd believe that protective bedding can look and feel great - and still work. Their 100% cotton provides a natural, breathable and comfortable surface to sleep on. The absorbent middle layer is enough protection for children and adults. The soft, noiseless, breathable PUL (polyester backed polyurethane) backing is completely waterproof. It is important to us that your Brolly Sheet protector does not contain any PVC or vinyl because from its manufacture to its disposal, PVC emits toxic compounds. Plus PVC and vinyl products can be noisy and make you sweat more. Brolly Sheets are available in white, pink, blue, red and lime. Recommended by Health Care Experts. 

How they work- Just place on top of the bottom sheet and tuck the wings in under the mattress. The adult or child sleeps on the unique 100% cotton, comfy top. The absorbent middle layer and waterproof (yet breathable PUL) backing keeps the bottom sheet & mattress dry. Please wash separately prior to use as this will soften the fabric and aid absorbency.

Brolly Sheets Top Tip "We recommend you have at least 2 Brolly Sheets- one on the bed and one to use as a replacement in the night"

Composition Top: 100% cotton Middle layer: 95% polyester / 5% rayon Backing: 100% polyester backed polyurethane (PUL) Flaps: 100% cotton Because of the 100% cotton top and soft PUL backing, Brolly Sheets are very soft and quiet. There is no crackle or rustling as with products that contain PVC and vinyls. New Zealand designed and owned

Actual Brolly Sheet Sizing Size Centre panel Wings

Single 95 x 95 cm / 38 x 38 inches 95 x 45 cm / 38 x 18 inches

King Single 110 x 95 cm / 38 x 44 inches 95 x 45 cm / 38 x 18 inches

Double 137 x 95 cm / 38 x 54 inches 95 x 45 cm / 38 x 18 inches

Queen 165 x 95 cm / 38 x 65 inches 95 x 45 cm / 38 x 18 inches

Other uses If you are nervous about how you or your child will sleep in an unfamiliar environment, (on holiday etc) then get peace of mind by packing a couple of Brolly Sheets. If your child has a tummy bug, put an extra Brolly Sheet over their pillow area or place them on the couch / lounge. Pets. Brolly Pads are great for on the bed, couch or the car. Chair pads are handy to put under your pets food and water bowls.

Care Instructions Please wash separately prior to use as this will soften the fabric and aid absorbency. Cold or warm machine wash. Line dry or tumble dry on a low setting. Do not iron or dry clean. Do not use with bleach or fabric softener. Do not leave the red Brolly Sheet sitting in a wet basket of washing. Safety Instructions Tuck in flaps. Do not use with an electric blanket. 

Brolly Sheet Products Testimonials

“I just wanted to let you know that we received the wonderful Brolly Sheets and they are working great – will pass the word along to anyone I meet and thanks very much for your help etc. Take care and good luck with your great product, Regards “ Mary-Elizabeth – Singapore.

"The Brolly Sheet for Michael is brilliant! I haven't washed his sheets yet for 4 days in a row!!!! Just wash the new blue sheet and occasionally the top sheet. It is so nice not having to strip the bed every day. (I know it is a minor thing, but it's just one less thing to do...) I wish I had found this years ago. Thanks so much." Karen - ACT

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